Solutions for Kids

by Madhavi Nawana Parker
published author of social-emotional literacy programs
by Routeledge Education, London

Strong Families - Connected Schools - Resilient Kids

5 ways Solutions for Kids helps you make the most of your skills as a parent, teacher, educator and health professional:

  1. You will gain confidence and know-how to guide children and teenagers through every day behavioural, social and emotional challenges.
  2. You will experience less guilt about handling behaviours that typically frustrate and exhaust parents, teachers and health professionals.
  3. Your fuss-free plan of action will be easy to develop with Solutions for Kids and can easily be tailored to your needs.
  4. You will enjoy less stress and worry as you develop simple and practical new skills that enable children and teenagers to navigate through social and emotional challenges at home, school and in the community.
  5. You will have published resources to return to as needed to keep focused on your goal - strong families, connected schools, resilient kids.

BOOK NOW for a parenting seminar, training day for your school or workshop for your organisation to gain confidence to guide children and teenagers to be more resilient and connected to their families and schools. solutionsforkids@outlook.com

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About Solutions for Kids

Madhavi Nawana ParkerProgram Director, Madhavi Nawana Parker is a published author of social emotional literacy programs including, 'The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox' by Routeledge Education London. www.theresilienceandwellbeingtoolbox.com.au

The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox       Be the boss of problem solving

Madhavi has previously published with Mark Le Messurier through Routeledge Education, London with their series of social emotional literacy programs, 'What's the Buzz: A social skills enrichment program for primary age children; What's the Buzz for Early Learners and Archie's Big Book of Friendship Adventures'

What's the Buzz? for early learners  What's the Buzz? for primary students  Archie's BIG BOOK of friendship adventures

Why use Solutions for Kids?

Social emotional literacy provides the platform for academic and lifelong achievement. Madhavi teaches these skills to young people in her private practice. Through her training seminars, she guides parents and professionals to develop simple and practical ways to support young people to be more resilient and socially-emotionally skilled.

Madhavi is a keynote and guest speaker on the topics of social emotional literacy, positive discipline, anxiety and anger, resilience and wellbeing. She presents to a wide audience including teachers, educators, allied health professionals and parents.

Madhavi can be contacted at solutionsforkids@outlook.com, through Facebook at 'Solutions for Kids' or via her website www.theresilienceandwellbeingtoolbox.com.au www.madhavinawana.com.au and www.whatsthebuzz.net.au

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