What's the Buzz? Social skills groups

Madhavi is the co creator of the 'What's the Buzz?' series of social skills programs with her colleague and friend, Mark Le Messurier.

Mark and Madhavi wrote these programs after many years of combined work guiding young people who struggled to get along with others, fit in and understand the 'know how' of making friends. Some children find it much harder to think socially and use their social tools suitably when it really counts; making friends, rolling with the punches, joining in, reading others, coping with not getting their way, taking turns, thinking positively and dealing with day-to-day frustrations.

The verdict is in. A body of well regarded studies reveal that teaching social thinking to young people with social delay does improve their ability to interact socially.
The value of a social skilling group is that kids can learn these vital living skills through direct teaching, role-play practice and social activities in the context of a small friendly group.

A "What's the Buzz?" group either consists of 4 or 5 children with one facilitator, or 7 or 8 children with two facilitators. Children selected are about the same age so everyone has the opportunity to build friendships in a safe, structured and encouraging environment.

Download the What's the Buzz? brochure.

Visit the "What's the Buzz?" website: whatsthebuzz.net.au