Individual behaviour intervention

Individual sessions are offered to work through specific behavioural difficulties such as anger management, anxiety, conflict and sibling rivalry. Madhavi works with the child to identify the underlying cause of the behaviour and then, together with the family, a plan is put together to help the individual develop the social and emotional skills needed to overcome their difficulties.

Madhavi also works with families to set up positive ways to guide their children's behavior.

Madhavi is presently working part time following the birth of her second child. In 2011 she will offer individual behaviour intervention on an occasional basis at Fullarton House for families that have seen her in the past. From September 2011 her books will be opened again to new referrals for 2012.

Some schools are extending the time Madhavi is contracted for delivering "What's the Buzz?" to provide parents and other families an opportunity to access individualised interventions. At present this service is only offered to families attending a school where Madhavi is consulting.