The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox



'THE RESILIENCE AND WELLBEING TOOLBOX: A guide for educators and health professionals' by Madhavi Nawana Parker (Routledge Press London) 2016.

This practical new book is simple to follow and implement for anyone wanting to change the emotional climate in their school. Through Role Play, discussion, games and guide sheets, young people can easily build skills in stress management, problem solving, optimism, goal setting, kindness and much more. Ideally used as a whole school approach to resilience and wellbeing, a copy in each classroom is a must for teachers and educators wanting a quick reference for every day concerns that come up in the learning and social environment.

It can also be used with individual students or in small targeted groups where more focused support on social-emotional resilience and wellbeing are needed.

Health professionals can use the strategies and activities in clinical settings to enhance the social-emotional and behavioural aspect to their therapeutic work.

Parents can easily bring the themes, activities, discussions, Role Plays and worksheets to life at home to focus on family resilience and wellbeing.

Skills taught include values, persistence, keeping calm, building empathy, goal setting, gratitude, problem solving, handling anger and embracing and learning from mistakes.

Copies are $65 plus $10 postage (which covers up to three books) and each copy is yours with a link for free unlimited downloads of the worksheets and guide sheets inside the book to make posters and use worksheets multiple times. Training available for educators, parents and health professionals.

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"The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox is an exceptionally valuable resource for educators looking for hands-on ideas to promote children's social-emotional wellbeing. Based in sound research, this book is much more than a collection of activities - it incorporates knowledge on how children develop and learn, what they need to flourish and ways to build both individual and community wellbeing. The book's flexible format enables it to be used with individuals, groups or whole classes. Many activities are ideal for use in Circle work. The innovative tips for parents to reinforce learning at home are especially welcome."

- Dr Sue Roffey, FRSA, Associate Professor (adjunct),
School of Education, Western Sydney University, Australia

"Madhavi Nawana Parker has worked extensively with Pembroke staff and parents to help us better understand and support behaviour, resilience and social-emotional learning.
Her presentations have been engaging, entertaining, and downright common sense for often overwhelmed parents and educators. She has also helped us demystify some challenging behaviours. The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox is a wonderful assemblage of Madhavi's ideas, strategies and learnings from many years of nourishing families and young people and their schools. Schools often lament the lack of resilience in their students but struggle to implement opportunities to build this. Here are some answers. "

- Jaimie Holland, Dean of Student Welfare
Pembroke School, South Australia

"The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox is a fantastic resource which challenges us as parents / carers to think about how we can further support our children. It offers helpful strategies and worksheets on problem solving, compromise, stress management, goal setting and more."

- Leanne Kutschbach, parent